Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Gift to Me

All I want for Christmas is a two hour chunk of time where my three small children are entertained by their father and I can sit at the computer--uninterrupted--and write.

In Stephen King's ON WRITING, he says if you truly want to be a writer you have to write every day. Even on Christmas. I thought to myself, I am so there already. Writing is like my most special place I go for me time. And writing during the day (I write almost exclusively at night while littl'uns are asleep) is heaven.

What about you? Do you want to write on Christmas? Or do you count Christmas day as a vacation from writing?


Amanda Bonilla said...

Lately, I haven't been so good, but I try to write every day. Even if it's just a couple of words, or a sentence. My computer is always on and my manuscript is always open. :)

G. B. Miller said...

I'll try to do something on Christmas. Right now I'm torn between working on my synopsis and editing what I got so far on another writing project.

Stina said...

I finished my first draft yesterday and as much as I want to work on it, I've put it aside to catch up on my reading. There're a bunch of non fiction books on writing fiction that I'm reading first.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I take Christmas off. My family deserves me not to be "shooing them away" like every other day of the years! ;-) I need some down time too, I'm exhausted from so many deadlines the last year.
I also have tons of reading to do - books that I can't wait to read and have had to be set aside so many times.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Bethany and Suzette!!!

(I signed up for LDStorymakers - did you guys???)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Considering that I basically slacked off this entire month, I'll be able to write on just one day in December. I've been such a bad writer this month.

Jemi Fraser said...

I won't have a minute to myself on Christmas! Not a chance to write - and that will be okay - it's Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to write today, but I was too busy eating.

Happy holidays!

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I think it's okay to miss a day. King probably misses days himself. You're a writer because you write, period.

Don't worry about time for yourself. You'll get it eventually. Just grab what you can.

Good luck.

Carla said...

I definitely wrote on Christmas...but I tried to do it secretly so no one would know! I've really enjoyed looking around your blog--I'm your newest follower! Keep up the great work!



Bethany Wiggins said...

Hi Carla!