Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anna and the French Kiss::A Book Review

I had the pleasure of reading Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss. It was fantastic! I'm a very you-gotta-have-some-kind-of-magic-or-sci-fi-junk-in-a-story-to-make-it-good type of reader, and this book didn't have any of that. But I had a hard time putting it down! That should be enough of a recommendation for you to go read it--trust me.

"Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris until she meets Etienne St. Claire: perfect, Parisian (and English and American, which makes for a swoon-worthy accent), and utterly irresistible. The only problem is that he's taken, and Anna might be, too, if anything comes of her almost-relationship back home."

What I liked about this book: The voice! Stephanie Perkins really knows how to do funny. She keeps the story alive with her humor.

What made it stand out: The hot, sexy, British-French-American Etienne St. Claire. He's not tall. He doesn't have perfect teeth. He's full of flaws. Yet all of those things make him even more desirable. Seriously!

The Characters: I already mentioned Etienne. Anna's quite awesome herself. She has a space between her two front teeth (So do I)! And she's hilarious.

Another thing: Reading this book made me hungry. For French food (banana and Nutella filled crepe, anyone? I love Nutella). And French culture. And French architecture. I want to go to France because of a book. Lame reason? Read it and you'll get me.

So, go check it out. Here's the Amazon link.

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Renae said...

I have got to get this book! Thanks for the great review!

Matthew MacNish said...

When Shannon reviewed this one the other day I asked her "are there any sword fights?"

I was kidding of course, but I was also trying to illustrate the same point you're making here - that usually this kind of story is not for me. But you've done an excellent job of explaining what makes this book stand out Bethany, and I totally agree that if the writing is good enough I can read any book and enjoy it, no matter what the plot is about. I just wouldn't normally reach for this one on my own.

Thanks for filling us in!

Susanne Winnacker said...

I love Paris, but I love crepe even more! :D

Angela said...

I am so on the verge of running to Barnes and Noble, buying this book, and hiding it in my purse so my husband won't see.

Shari said...

I love humor! This book sounds really fun. I'm going to have to read it now. What can I cut out of the grocery budget so I can buy it? Hmmm. . .

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Hehe. I totally wanted to go to France after reading it. It was tugging at me. But I didn't just want to go back as a tourist. I want to go back as a student, and of course, be seventeen again with an American French British boyfriend. Captured everything I ever wanted when I was a teen.

Great review, Bethany!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This one is already on my wish list! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've heard good things about this book. I'll have to read it!

Bethany Wiggins said...

LOL, Matthew. Thanks for the comments guys!

Jessica said...

Ooh la la! I really want to read this now. :)

Megan Miranda said...

Okay, between your review and Carolina's, I'm convinced! Thanks!!