Saturday, March 22, 2014

Top Two Questions

Every time I talk to readers who have read and loved my books, I am, without fail, asked two things.

1. Will I ever write SHIFTING 2?

The answer is . . . maybe. I won't say no. I actually wrote it years ago, right after I wrote SHIFTING 1, but then when I got a publisher I changed SHIFTING 1 up a bit so part one and two don't quite mesh. But you never know maybe one day I'll fix SHIFTING 2.

2. When will STUNG be a movie?

Well, I honestly have no say in this. If I knew a movie producer and could get him to read the book, the chances of it becoming a movie would go up drastically. So for now, it is just going to be a book. But thanks for liking it so well that you want it to be a movie!