Thursday, August 18, 2011

Laughing at 2 a.m. Type of Book

So, I'm an adult who loves young adult books. In fact, I love them so much I also write them. My book, SHIFTING, comes out next month guys! I'm freaking out here!!!

Anyhow, on to the Bookanista* book review.

Sixteen-year-old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in. Three years since her family moved to Texas, she’s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her. It doesn’t help matters when her twin brother, Dante, takes on the mayor’s son by running for class president. The least she could expect, though, would be for her boyfriend, Jesse, to support their cause. But Jesse’s apparent defection triggers Giovanna’s rash emotional side, and before she knows it, she’s turned Jesse from the boy of her dreams to the exboyfriend she dreams of winning back. ~Amazon

Janette Rallison is one of my all-time favorite YA authors. She's amazing. Her books are hilarious. While I read this book, I was laughing so hard I had to burry my face in my pillow. Did I mention it was two in the morning because her book is good enough to lose sleep over?

The Main Character: Giovanna is far from perfect. In fact everything she attempts to do goes heinously wrong. Which is why I adore her. She reminds me of moi.

The Love Interest: Jesse--sigh--is wonderful. And horrible. He and Giovana break up at the beginning of the book and he is absolutely infuriating throughout, yet utterly lovable. If you want to know what I mean you'll have to read the book because I'm not going to elaborate and spoil all the good stuff. So just check out the book.

*Bookanista: We are a group of writers in various stages of the publishing process who have banded together to recommend/review the special books of our peers.

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Jemi Fraser said...

I love YA books too - this one sounds fantastic! :) Thanks for the tip!

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

This is a book I've been really wanting to read. I love all of Janette Rallison's books so far. She is awesome.

Tere Kirkland said...

Oh, that sounds so cute. Thanks for the recommendation, Bethany, and congrats again on Shifting coming out so soon. Can't wait!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I'm sold! Off to Amazon. :-)

Rachel said...

I read and write YA too. Love the cover on this one! So smart!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

It sounds perfectly lovely, Beth! I happily lose sleep over books that make me that happy!

Lola X said...

Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

Lola x

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Janette Rallison rocks! I, too, <3 YA books, that's why I'm writing them! ;) I just read her "My Fair Godmother". Really, you should read it, it's funtastic! :)

Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

Jo Schaffer said...

Sounds like a good one!

Can't wait for your book! (=

I'm sure they will sell like hotcakes at the Boot Camp this March.

4rx said...

She reminds me a cute, shy and dumb cute girl... if you ask me, I'm japanese, so is kind of normal for me, you know...
Your book is a little expensive, but don't worry i will get it anyway.