Monday, January 17, 2011

An Infant In the Twitterverse

Call me crazy (like I have time for a new computer obsession), but I made the Twitter plunge!

Want me to follow you? Post your info in the comments.

Want to follow me? @WiggB.

Any tips on how to survive? Post that in the comments, too!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Twitter!! ;)

Angela said...

Hope it goes well.

Danyelle L. said...

Yay, Bethany! And welcome!

JoLynne Lyon said...

I was so honored that you followed me! As for advice, I'm not an expert but here are the things that have helped me: 1. Get a twitter client. I use hootsuite but there are plenty of other services out there that come highly recommended. The biggest advantage is that it notifies you when other people mention you. 2. I prefer to stay out of the "follow" frenzy and instead keep up with the voices I know I want to hear from. 3. Search out articles on how to use Twitter--cause there are other people out there that know waaay more than me.

Conda Douglas said...

Welcome to twitter and thanks JoLynne for the advice--much needed! One thing I do that I really like on twitter is retweet articles and blog entries that I find helpful.

nutschell said...

I'm not sure myself how to go about fully utilizing twitter, but it's a great way to connect with others. Congratulations on the plunge!
I'd love to follow you on twitter. Would you do the same for me?

Stephanie said...

Been Twittering for a while now, but for the most part, I get very little retweets, no one seems to comment on what I say. And it seems almost everyone I follow is mainly there to post links. I want to get to know people, not just read a bunch of links.

I will go and follow you now!! @stephanihaefner

Stephanie McGee said...

I'd definitely suggest using something other than Twitter's homepage to Tweet.

I use Tweetdeck (recent convert) and am really enjoying it. I like that you can have multiple columns so your favorite hashtag chats can be readily accessible, alongside the regular tweet stream and your mentions column.

Miranda Hardy said...

I am now following you. Welcome to the twitter world!


Dana Elmendorf said...

Oooo! I'll go follow you now.


Jemi Fraser said...

I agree with Stephanie - I like TweetDeck - it's a free download and very helpful for organizing it all. I also like the chats - #yalitchat and #kidlitchat. They're at 9 EST on Tues & Wed ... I think - I'm not good at remembering days!

Charity Bradford said...

Welcome to Twitter! I'm heading over to follow you now.

I recommend something like tweetdeck to help twitter more organized and make more sense. Although the new version of twitter is similar and better than the classic version.


Windy Aphayrath said...

as I said before, welcome to the dark side.

I personally LOVE twitter. Mostly because I have ADD, I think and there's like a million conversations going on all at once and you're basically welcome to join any number of them if you so choose.

I do agree on the twitter client though. I would be LOST without my tweetdeck. :)

Rosalind Adam said...

Twitter is lovely. A place where you can chat or announce or moan and there's always a friendly tweeple ready to respond. Look forward to chatting with you there.