Friday, April 30, 2010

What Would You Say to Your High School Self?

Author Sarah Mlynowski came up with a brilliant marketing plan for her new YA novel, Gimme A Call. She asked YA novelists what they would say to their high school selves if they could. Here are some of my favorites:

Dear HS self: There are two reasons you have no girlfriend: 1. no confidence. 2. poor hygiene. #startwithnumbertwo - John Green
Dear HS self: You are NOT FAT. You will be, but you're not now, so enjoy it. - Sara Zarr
Dear HS self: Facebook will be invented. Are you sure you want your friend to take that picture? - Julia Devillers

I first read about this on Dystel and Goderich Literary Management's blog - thanks, Stacey Kendall Glick!

As for what I would say to myself:

Dear HS self: You know that boy you love who broke your heart? He's gonna propose to you one day!

Now, dear readers, what would you say to your HS self?



Charmaine Clancy said...

Dear HS self: Tube dresses don't suit ANYONE - and don't even get me started on the fluro colours.

Unknown said...

Those are great! I'd say:
Dear high school self; You know how you're the only cheerleader who is nice to EVERYONE (even the not so popular crowds)and how you get made fun of for it? Well, it will pay off in a very big way.

Katie said...

I love the Facebook one. So true! Umm...I was in high school not too long ago, but I guess I could do this anyway.

Dear HS Self: You know that friend you think is stabbing you in the back? She is. Run away. Now.

I can't think of much more, except maybe asking myself why I got such bad haircuts. lol

Rachael said...

Dear HS self: Don't waste six years of your life on that boy. Go out and get friends, seriously. Do more extracurricular activities. Stop worrying and get your hair cut. It looks SO much cuter short anyway. That one girl, don't even tell her your name. Just ignore her. She'll become the bane of your existence in a couple years. Go to more dances; they're fun and you actually CAN dance, believe it or not.

Jackie said...

Dear HS Self,

Follow the dreams in your heart because you can get what you want out of life even though you don't think you are capable. You don't have to "settle".

Angie said...

I love those! I would have to echo Sara Zarr's. I think I would say, "You can be a writer, so get started now. Don't waste your time taking Calculus in college. It's impossible. And don't give yourself an ulcer. You'll get through all right." (Last week, I was wishing I could go back in time and have a talk with my husband's high school self. I'd tell him to go have some fun!)

Bethany Wiggins said...

Dear HS self: Yeah, your different than the other kids. But that's because you have about 5,000 times more imagination and in the end, it's gonna pay off, so embrace your weirdness! And BTW, you're actually a pretty cute girl, so stop hiding from everyone.

M. Bail said...

These are awesome. And who doesn't wish they could go back and smack their HS self upside the head?! Okay, I would say:

Dear HS Self: Don't listen to your parents when you tell them you want to be a writer and they poo-poo you. You'll waste way too many years at a career you hate and end up writing anyway. Love them, but don't listen to them.

Wendy Swore said...

Dear HS Self, invest in Miscrosoft. Also, that heart-shaped potato that guy gave you will look a lot less romantic after you've clod-picked about a million of them. (but kiss him anyway)

J.R. Johansson said...

LOL, I love this!


Dear HS self: Although your friends are great and fun, try to blow off your family a little less. In a few years, you'll be happy you did. Also, one word: diffuser. Buy one. Now.

Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

I saw this on Twitter and it was so cool! Some of the responses made me lol.

Mine were tame:

Dear HS self: it it walks like a jerk, talks like a jerk, chances are he's a jerk.

Dear HS self: royal blue taffeta is never cool.

Anna said...

Dear HS self: You are better than you've given yourself credit for. Quit being so insecure. Life is better when you love yourself.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is great..
okay here I go..

Dear HS self: If he tells you he is an asshole then he isn't lying. Oh and remember, even though you're drunk you still can get pregnant. dumbass.

Jemi Fraser said...

I agree - awesome!

Dear HS self: Relax, have more fun, talk more! And buy some stock in Tim Horton's. (If you're not Canadian - you probably have no idea how huge this coffee company is here!)

DL Hammons said...

Dude...drop your pants. See those things hanging between your legs, they're called balls. What's say you use them and ask them damn girl out!!!!!!!!

kah said...

Dear HS self: Listen to your mom and DON'T do that insane cheerleading stunt. Your spine will thank you for it.

Ahh, if only my HS self would have listened.

I do love this concept. Such fun and possibilities.

Suzette Saxton said...

One word: Riveting!

Three words: Thanks for playing. =)

Brian Keaney said...

It is going to get better. You are going to be happy.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Dear HS Self,
Try and have some fun. Being serious all the time isn't how you want to remember your youth. Life will get better, you won't always be poor.

(Yeah, I can't do funny... Still too serious.)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Dear HS Self:

There is life outside of High School!

Fun post, Suzette! :)

Unknown said...

Dear HS self: You are still in high school physically, but you've skipped it mentally. Whether it comes back at 50 or 25, WATCH OUT! It will undoubtably screw up all of your plans...

That along with Sharon's...

Rebecca B said...

I love this idea!

Dear HS self: Stop trying so hard to have a "normal" HS experience; who cares that you haven't had a boyfriend. Once you get to college and find yourself surrounded by like-minded dorks, your dance card is gonna be FULL! Please also tell KH to shove it.

Jenners said...

Oh My Gosh ... this is too great. I love it. The ones you shared just cracked me up. Here is what I would say:

Dear HSSElf: It gets better. It really does .. in about 20 year or so.

Caleb said...

Dear HS Self:

Do not go out with her.

Jo Schaffer said...

Dear HS self-- someday you won't feel so out of step with your peers for loving to write. And be glad you didn't start smoking--everyone who did is trying in vain to quit now. (=

Glad I found this blog!

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