Monday, January 17, 2011

An Infant In the Twitterverse

Call me crazy (like I have time for a new computer obsession), but I made the Twitter plunge!

Want me to follow you? Post your info in the comments.

Want to follow me? @WiggB.

Any tips on how to survive? Post that in the comments, too!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Twitter!! ;)

Angela Felsted said...

Hope it goes well.

Danyelle said...

Yay, Bethany! And welcome!

JoLynne Lyon said...

I was so honored that you followed me! As for advice, I'm not an expert but here are the things that have helped me: 1. Get a twitter client. I use hootsuite but there are plenty of other services out there that come highly recommended. The biggest advantage is that it notifies you when other people mention you. 2. I prefer to stay out of the "follow" frenzy and instead keep up with the voices I know I want to hear from. 3. Search out articles on how to use Twitter--cause there are other people out there that know waaay more than me.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Welcome to twitter and thanks JoLynne for the advice--much needed! One thing I do that I really like on twitter is retweet articles and blog entries that I find helpful.

nutschell said...

I'm not sure myself how to go about fully utilizing twitter, but it's a great way to connect with others. Congratulations on the plunge!
I'd love to follow you on twitter. Would you do the same for me?

Stephanie said...

Been Twittering for a while now, but for the most part, I get very little retweets, no one seems to comment on what I say. And it seems almost everyone I follow is mainly there to post links. I want to get to know people, not just read a bunch of links.

I will go and follow you now!! @stephanihaefner

Stephanie McGee said...

I'd definitely suggest using something other than Twitter's homepage to Tweet.

I use Tweetdeck (recent convert) and am really enjoying it. I like that you can have multiple columns so your favorite hashtag chats can be readily accessible, alongside the regular tweet stream and your mentions column.

J. L. Jackson said...

I am now following you. Welcome to the twitter world!


Dana Elmendorf said...

Oooo! I'll go follow you now.


Jemi Fraser said...

I agree with Stephanie - I like TweetDeck - it's a free download and very helpful for organizing it all. I also like the chats - #yalitchat and #kidlitchat. They're at 9 EST on Tues & Wed ... I think - I'm not good at remembering days!

Charity Bradford said...

Welcome to Twitter! I'm heading over to follow you now.

I recommend something like tweetdeck to help twitter more organized and make more sense. Although the new version of twitter is similar and better than the classic version.


WindyA said...

as I said before, welcome to the dark side.

I personally LOVE twitter. Mostly because I have ADD, I think and there's like a million conversations going on all at once and you're basically welcome to join any number of them if you so choose.

I do agree on the twitter client though. I would be LOST without my tweetdeck. :)

Rosalind Adam said...

Twitter is lovely. A place where you can chat or announce or moan and there's always a friendly tweeple ready to respond. Look forward to chatting with you there.